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Write Often, Be Cool: How to Increase Your Site Traffic With Blogging

Are you a small to medium sized business looking for a quick way to increase your following on social media? Are you scanning your brain for a way to develop your native content, and increase traffic to your site? Well, have we got a blog for you!

We talked recently about how important it is for your business to have a blog presence. Hopefully you were convinced by our many, many, tremendously outstanding statistics. You won’t be a (total) loser if you don’t blog, but you will be a big time winner if you do blog. Basically.

But what do I write about? But how do I write? But, but, but….

Listen, or rather, look with your eyeballs. I have some suggestions for you:

1) Write about a problem you have or a problem your audience has, and tell us how to fix it.

Think about it. When you type pretty much anything into your little Google search bar, what are you typing 9/10 times?

“How do I….”

“What’s the best way…”

“What happens when…”

“Is it true that…”

“Why does my girlfriend always…”

“Where can I find…”

QUESTIONS. You’re on the internet poking around asking questions and looking for answers. Or cute animal videos… but usually you’re looking for answers. So is your audience!

If you can’t think of a question to answer, look at your competitor’s blog and write an even better blog on a similar topic. DO NOT plagiarize what they’ve already taken the time to write… but feel free to use what they have as inspiration.

2) Write out all your ideas on the topic you’ve chosen, even if they’re just loose scribbles.

This is called BRAINSTORMING. Remember back to elementary school. Think about your favorite way to get your ideas out onto a page. Do that.

3) Look over everything and find some commonalities.

What can you take from this mess of ideas to turn into a cohesive, lovely, little story?

4) Find your voice.

You’re not in college anymore, you don’t have to be prim and proper in the way that you write. You can write to me in the same way that you talk to me. As we’ve talked about before, consumers respond best to businesses that have a personality. People like to buy from people, not companies.

So if you can let yourself and your personality shine in your writing, that will receive the most positive response.

5) Spell, punctuation, and grammar check.

I don’t care how amazing your writing is. I don’t care if you’re wowing me from here to next Tuesday with your incredible insights and hacks for improving my life. I don’t care if you’re the most recognized blogger in the entire universe. If you have spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes… you’ve lost my respect and the respect of many people that would have followed you. There are a few different schools of thought on this, but stats show that when you can’t keep up with these basic writing skills you are seen by your audience as unintelligent.

But don’t be scurred! For some extra help have a coworker edit your work or you can download an add-on like grammarly to help you along the way.

6) Watch and enjoy your success!

If you have other questions about how to get started with blogging, please feel free to reach out! If you already blog, tell us about the tips that work best for you! We’re always excited to talk about ways you’re improving your business’s digital marketing strategy.