holiday marketing campaign

The Last-Minute Marketing Campaign for the Holidays

The tricks have been treated, the turkeys have been stuffed (as well as eaten), and Black Friday and Cyber Monday have already passed. The Holiday season is in full swing as we begin December and approach the end of the year. It’s the busiest time of the year for both consumers and producers, and marketers everywhere are chomping at the bit to see what holiday campaigns are paying dividends this year.

Social Media Accounts

If you don’t have any company social media accounts then this is the year to give your company a gift that keeps on giving. There are 2.3 billion active social media users, and that is growing by 10% each year. If you missed out on a social media marketing campaign this holiday season it’s not the end of the world. There is plenty of time to begin strategizing for next year’s season spike. Christmas shopping begins as early as the middle of August, which gives you plenty of time to build strong social media content.

Create Quality Content

Creating good content is like driving with a blindfold on if you don’t have the right target market. Knowing whom you are trying to target and how your content will reach them is a crucial step to take when trying to reach your holiday goals.

Target Your Buying Audience

If you hadn’t guessed it, Millennials hold most of the buying power nowadays and their presence on social media is higher than ever.

52% of people not only buy gifts for others but also themselves, according to a Facebook study that surveyed 21,000 people 18 years or older in 17 different countries. With that being said you need to realize that the goal of a Holiday marketing plan is not only for them to purchase something, but also for them to come back as repeat customers.

A few ways to light up your website and social media pages are to give it a festive holiday feel. This doesn’t mean posting pictures of cute puppies wearing antlers every week, but you should establish a holiday theme that is welcoming and easy to maneuver through, creating a great personal experience for customers.

Plan Ahead

Planning is something you should be doing months in advance. You should have a clear understanding of what you are trying to accomplish during the holiday season. The best way to avoid problems is to schedule campaign activities months in advance so you are prepared to act on the activities when the appropriate time comes. Research is an important factor in creating success, and knowing when to feature top sellers and gift suggestions can really make a difference in your campaign.

Always remember, some marketing is better than no marketing. Don’t be afraid to scrounge up a last minute campaign that draws in some customers that you can retain for the future. Set up a retention system so you can keep in touch with customers throughout the duration of the year. Which will give you a better start for next year’s campaign already.

Step out of your comfort zone; use some humor and interesting tidbits about your company to draw in those customers. Have fun with your campaign and continue to learn what tactics do and do not work for your company. Implementing these strategies during the holiday season will soon result in every day being a holiday!