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New Age Lead Generation with Advertising and Content Marketing

As an agency marketer, it’s our job to bring in more leads for our clients. Business owners understand the concept of marketing, but they may not fully understand how to navigate the waters of the “digital ocean”. To them, marketing may mean a billboard or magazine ad. While that is absolutely true, there are different ways to go about marketing now, especially online.

Let’s walk through two common ways of marketing with digital content and digital advertising to explain how lead generation has shifted course throughout the years.


Marketing is about getting in front of people and making an impression for your brand. It’s about spreading the word about your product or service by exposing potential customers to the brand where they already are. One way of doing that is by advertising. With advertising, placement is key. Sure, people driving down the highway have a great chance of seeing your billboard, but it’s difficult to measure how many people are actually seeing it, let alone whether you’re reaching your core demographic or not.. Measuring traditional advertising methods such as billboards and television commercials is almost always estimated. You can never really know how many people saw your ad and then either ignored or acted on that impression. 

This is where advertising with digital really shines. By advertising digitally, through both display and native methods, you can track who actually viewed the ad and what their next action was after seeing it. Did they click on the ad and browse? Did they buy something? Or did they bounce away from the page entirely? Digital ads have an advantage over traditional ads because they aren’t a wasted spend – at the very least you’re gaining valuable insights about your customer base. In fact, targeted display advertising has grown to a point that it will comprise 59 percent of all digital advertising this year and is expected to grow to 70% by 2019. But digital ads are highly targeted ads that are only displayed if the viewer reaches the criteria you have set for the ad to appear on their internet pageview – which means your demographic sees the ads that are most relevant to them at exactly the right times.

There are several different types of digital ads you can run. (Some are considered more effective than others.) But they still are much easier to understand what sort of reach they achieved versus traditional methods.

Content Marketing

There’s been a huge change in how marketing is carried out since the rise of the internet. While traditional marketing methods are not dead, it would be crazy to say that it shouldn’t at least be supplemented with digital content marketing as well. Why? Because digital content is inexpensive to create, it’s proven to be effective, and it’s 100% trackable from source to sale!

Many business owners don’t fully understand the value of content marketing, let alone know what it is. Content marketing is any sort of information offered to customers and potential customers in either written, audio, or video format. This content is almost always free, but some content of higher quality may require their contact information in exchange for download.

The idea of giving away free information related to a company’s product or service makes sense, right? Of course you would want to inform your leads of all of the benefits you have to offer them! But what business owners may not realize is that content can even be supplied to leads that don’t directly relate to their product or service… but why would you ever want to do that?!

It’s seems like a strange concept, but it makes sense when you think about the [buyer’s journey]. If you are selling software that helps car dealerships keep track of their inventory, but your blog features posts on the hottest cars being revealed in the new year, anyone can realize that it’s not necessary for a potential customer to know that information before purchasing the inventory software. So why waste your time supplying this information?

Here’s the breakdown… your key customer is most likely a dealership owner or controller, or some sort of purchasing manager. But right now, they may not be in the market for a new inventory software, but maybe they are interested in what the hottest cars are to invest in next year. So content isn’t about always selling your product or service – it’s about providing value to your target market, outside the sale. When your leads are searching for relevant information and land on your blog, they will find the free information helpful to them, which builds rapport between you and your potential customers.  And once they’ve already arrived,   the likelihood that they decide to shop around or learn more about your product/service is significantly increased. Even if your lead isn’t ready to buy from you then, they will have you in mind for when they are ready. They just need to find you first!

Both advertising and content marketing is important, and both can be complicated to carry out in their own ways. If you need an expert to walk you through each and every process with digital marketing, you can always ask us for help!