School-Year Internships!

About Paramount:

Welcome to Paramount! We are a full service digital marketing agency in Grand Rapids, MI dedicated to expanding organizations’ presence offline by developing their opportunity online. Before taking on a new client, the digital marketing team at Paramount analyzes all the impactful options that they could invest in and makes recommendations based on which solutions fit their needs and achieves their goals. By following this process, we become more than a vendor of a specific product or two and instead become a trusted advisor on a crucial aspect of their business.

By joining our team through one of our marketing internships, you’ll be entering into what we hope to be an educational and enjoyable exploration into agency marketing.

Details + Available Positions:

We have up to 3 Positions Available, Starting this Summer 2015!

  • Social Media Intern
  • Projects and Exploration Intern
  • Digital Strategy + Implementation Intern

Social Media Intern

Social Media is a huge part of what we do here at Paramount. As our social media intern, you’ll be working with real clients, developing real content streams, and posting to real profiles to maximize business potential. Do you have your finger on the digital pulse? Are you on the top of your social media game? Do you want to learn more about the business side of social strategy? If so, you may be a pretty good fit for our social media internship!

Projects + Exploration Intern

Our projects and exploration team works both face-to-face with clients and behind-the-scenes with our team to make everything happen properly. As a Projects + Exploration intern, you’ll be working with real clients, making sure their campaigns are running well, and exploring new opportunities for them to expand their reach online. Are you great with people? Organized and good at communication? Do you often come up with creative solutions to challenges? If so, you may be a pretty good fit for our Projects + Exploration Internship.

Digital Strategy + Implementation Intern

Digital strategy and implementation is what we do. As a DSI intern, you’ll be working behind the scenes to implement strategy, track progress, and measure success. You’ll be working on real campaigns, and responsible for real advertising dollars. You’ll also be expected to have input in strategy decisions based upon your research and the data involved. Do numbers “just get you”? Do you have a knack for analyzing data and drawing insights from it? Can you implement a strategic plan? If so, you may be a pretty good fit or our Digital Strategy + Implementation Internship.

Rough Requirements:

  • Pursuing BA/BS
  • Prefer 3.0 GPA or Higher
  • Prefer Marketing or Business broad-subject majors
  • Prefer Junior or Senior Level
  • Interest in digital communications and agency marketing
  • Residing in the Grand Rapids, MI area

The Nature of Our Internships

You are being asked to join a small but effective group of professionals that work efficiently and often very autonomously. You will be required to do much of the same – working from remote locations and often communicating digitally – to accomplish weekly, monthly, and project oriented tasks. Though some of your responsibilities will carry hard deadlines, the breakdown of work and its required prioritization with how it all gets done will (for the most part) be up to you to decide. Do you learn quickly? Make good decisions on the fly? Have a “just get it done and done well” mentality? Then you may be a pretty good fit for a Paramount Marketing Internship.

We want this internship to be valuable for everyone involved. Because of this, we expect your position and responsibility to evolve and expand as time moves on and your comfort with our operations sets in. What is intended to be, at minimum, a highly educational exposure into small firm and entrepreneurial life, could easily become a paid opportunity as we move forward. Therefore, the potential is yours to maximize.

Interested? Fill out the form on our Contact page, or email your resume and cover letter to