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Trouble with Conversion? Why not Optimize for it?

Is your business struggling to turn traffic into leads?

Conversion Optimization is the subset of Digital Marketing that focuses on figuring out why that traffic is leaving and making specific changes to your inbound strategy to optimize for conversion

Below are our top 5 conversion rate optimization strategies:

1. Create Landing Pages

Crafting optimized landing pages has been found to correlate to higher conversions. There are more opportunities for a user to hit a landing page because it turns up as a more relevant result for their search. This segmented strategy allows you to tailor your landing pages to a specific product, service, or demographic -making them much more targeted.

2. Test Different Incentives

People love free things and are willing to give away their contact information (namely, their email address) to receive free things of a subconscious value. This is why ebooks and whitepapers have long been used as a way to incentivize users to give away their email address in return for free material. This goes well with a multi step conversion process – offering different levels of commitment on both ends to build rapport. For instance:

– User sees offer for incentive. Clicks.

– To receive incentive, user must provide Name and Email for verification and delivery. User provides.

– Incentive is sent with an opportunity to commit further and provide additional information.

– User utilizes incentive, appreciates the way you communicate and ultimately decides to commit at the next level. Submits additional information for your follow up.

At the very least, your user is now on your contact list. If your incentive resonates, you most likely have a lead.

Try to think outside of the box when it comes to incentives. What does your target really want? What is something that you can give away in exchange for their contact information?

3. Replace Big Blocks of Text on your Website with Bulleted Lists

Web psychology has found that internet users rarely complete reading an entire web page. Rather, they are more prone to skimming content. Bulleted lists can make consuming content a much easier task, keeping users on your site longer.

4. Immediately Prove Why You’re Better Than your Competition

People often shop around when looking to make a purchase. This includes searching Google and comparing products or services online. By the time a person makes a phone call to inquire about service, their decision has already been narrowed down to one or two choices. As soon as the user hits your site, you need it to stand out. This can be in the form of price, brand, user experience or even an immediate incentive (i.e. “Free Consultations”).

5. Add Social Proof To Your Site

When a user is looking to make a purchase or buying decision, they want to make sure that others who have used the product or service found it useful. In order to assure them of their potential purchase, place testimonials on your site around where you capture leads. Encourage your satisfied clients to give you a review on Google +, Facebook, Yelp, or one of the many other aggregates. Make it easy on them – send them step-by-step instructions.


These five strategies will ensure your company is playing at the level it should be in this evolving marketplace. Have questions? Give us a call, or we’ll reach out to you! Either way, we’d love to help.