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7 Real Estate Marketing Tips For Agents

Real estate marketing, unlike almost any other industry, is extremely competitive. In this day and age, there are a lot of independent agents as well as corporate giants out there, and each one is doing whatever they can to dominate the market. With accelerated corporate funded marketing efforts from giants like ReMax, Greenridge Realty and more; […]

5 Online Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Use these 5 tips to grow your small business’ online presence! 1. Blog about your specialties. We now live in an age where information has become more accessible and powerful than ever.  You have the ability to EASILY share your knowledge with the world.  And if you own a business, there is a strong possibility that […]

The advantages of listening in a noisy, digital world.

Technology has obviously changed the culture of marketing drastically. Especially emerging is the opportunity with online marketing. Yet, with literally at-their-fingertips information, consumers are still looking to engage with the people they buy from. Which makes the online marketing opportunity for your small business greater than ever. While this gives us as business owners, managers […]

Trouble with Conversion? Why not Optimize for it?

Is your business struggling to turn traffic into leads? Conversion Optimization is the subset of Digital Marketing that focuses on figuring out why that traffic is leaving and making specific changes to your inbound strategy to optimize for conversion Below are our top 5 conversion rate optimization strategies: 1. Create Landing Pages Crafting optimized landing pages has […]

Inbound Marketing and You.

Inbound Marketing Strategies offer a whole new level for small businesses. So you’re a savvy small business owner. You know it’s important to have an integrated marketing approach. And while your team isn’t ignoring digital, you believe your market is still engaging with more traditional methods. So let’s say you decide to place an ad […]

Local Search in 2015

It’s easy to get tangled in the web that is online marketing these days – especially as a business owner with limited time and precious resources. Paramount’s professional packages are designed to help you understand your online visibility by discovering exactly where your business should be putting greatest effort. But we thought it would to start the education […]

The Human Brain and Marketing

THE HUMAN BRAIN AND MARKETING Understanding how the human brain and marketing influence each other is beneficial. Come back to this infographic and learn a few facts about the brain. It will not only help you explore the mind of your potential and current customers but will also help you eliminate biases from your own […]

SEO and PPC Together: Its the right thing to do.

Advertising for search traffic WHILE investing in longer term strategies is intelligent budgetary spend. Being a dedicated agency, we often have the opportunity to work with many different agencies throughout our client partnerships. Sometimes we will build a client’s website but someone else does the design. Sometimes we’re working with clients on design and brand […]

Organizing Web Content

Here at Paramount: we’ve built a lot of websites for almost every kind of company. Without fail, organizing web content is the most challenging part of the process for even our most organized and dedicated clients. With often varying pages of content and more and more elements that are easily forgotten – almost inevitably – […]

The User Journey: This Way for Adventure

Welcome to adventure and the world of marketing. Maybe my son has been watching it too much lately, but as I write this, I can help but think about Sesame Street. So in true analogous fashion: “The word on the street is Monomyth.” Today we’ll be looking at your company’s user journey using the monomyth […]