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5 of the Most Crucial Digital Marketing Tactics for Fall 2016

We work with marketing managers of all types. Some marketers tasked with digital marketing are classically trained. Some were brought into the position because they showed a propensity for digital marketing, still others because their company recognized a need. But the fact is, every marketing manager, coordinator, or even CMO has a unique set of […]

Customer Segmentation Rules

Do you know your customer well? How do you define them? Is your target customer base women, ages 40-65 or men, ages 21-27? Is your customer a homeowner? A fisherman? A fisherman wealthy enough to own a home? In today’s evolving marketplaces, are demographics like these offering a worthy enough definition of your customer? Depending […]

Rethinking Digital Connection

As a digital marketing strategist, I enjoy numbers. I love analytics, tracking conversion, reviewing comparisons and looking at success through the lens of data. In fact, at any given point in my day, anywhere on the planet, I can log in to our reporting softwares and find out EXACTLY how well one of our client’s […]

6 Things We’ve Learned Marketing Small Businesses

If you do what you love, it won’t feel like work. If your work has a purpose, you won’t work a day in your life. These common sentiments carry huge weight for us as small business owners. And rightfully so. We’re the ones with the most passion, right? Well maybe not always the most, but […]

We’re Rebranding! Here’s Why:

When my business partner and I founded Paramount, we had one main goal: to help businesses grow. We had no real idea what that was going to look like, but we knew both of us had done so in various ways throughout our professional careers, and we knew it was what we loved to do. […]

Why Art Prize Matters

The city is starting to buzz with activity as venues get staged, signs get erected, & temporary hubs get established. Creative energy is starting to flow as the entire city becomes an art exhibit. Take a step downtown: you can feel it. Art Prize is here, and for the next 19 days, so will people and […]